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Continuing the missing plot of aliencoffee.

straight from the AC compound.

16 February
NO2ID - Stop ID cards and the database state

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

About me; tests indicate.

I am an 18 year old gothic, French vampiric chicken curry who rains torrents of blood while sailing over the prostrate masses in an iron chariot proclaiming "Cake or Death" which is apparently 45% normal and 62% masculine.

This indicates I am like the Greek god of revenge, Nemesis who wears the inky cloak of the universe and manufacturers chocolate seagreen coloured labret piercings that taste like yttrium.

My personality test results indicate that I am anantisocial, suicidal imaginary mammoth who is heading for the sixth level of hell because I am a glowing orange (94% sweet and 69% wet) playful sex kitten with the inner spirit of a werewolf.

That would mean I am like a Heman action figure who is of course a blueberry pie and the real power behind the throne.

Such an exotic lover would not have stood up to the Nazis in the 1930's and so is a bit of a grunger sheep who is both animated and looks pretty.

My ability to be ahead of my time has allowed me to become a level 68, low level nerd in charge auditing and collecting in Nigeria who came across $44.5 million, and willing to give away 25% of it.

In 800 years I will have 143990 descendants and I like red jelly beans.

A mini biography you want is it? Well lets see what can I say?

I was born at sea during a storm, the waves crashed against the hull and the wind ripped at the sails, tragically the ship was thrown against an iceberg and broke apart. By some miracle I was washed up on a nearby desert island. I was found by a pack of komodo dragons who took me in and raised me as one of their own. As I grew up I eventually became their leader, I taught them the way of the ninja and led them to victory after victory. Our komodo dragon army was completely unstoppable and it took only six years to completely annihilate the human race and return the reptiles as true rulers of the planet.

Oh wait, erm no that's not me actually. oops!