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Hotpoint Repair Services Consumer Review

So over a month ago my fridge freezer developed an identity crisis and the fridge temperature dropped to a fairly steady -5 deg C. My max/min thermometer died at -35 deg C in the freezer. (The display was too cold to operate in that kind of environment.) Anyway the landlord called out Hotpoint Repair under their 5 year parts gurantee.

The long and short of it is, in my advice don't buy Hotpoint products and if you have and they break, don't bother with their "Repair Service".

  • 17th August 2009 Landlord contacts Hotpoint arranges appointment.
  • 24th August 2009 Hotpoint Technician arrives, replaces logic board.
  • 3rd September 2009 2nd Hotpoint Technician arrives, says he can't do anything, orders re-gass.
  • 9th September 2009 3rd Hotpoint Technician arrives says re-gassing the system will not fix the problem but does it anyway (he was right, it didn't fix anything).
  • 17th September 2009 4th Hotpoint Technician arrives does some diagnostics says the compressor is faulty orders a new one (wait for new part).
  • 24th September Hotpoint miss appointment.
  • 28th September Hotpoint miss appointment.
  • 02nd October 2009 5th Hotpoint Technician arrives with new compressor, says compressor is fine and replaces a valve instead. Now fridge does not go below room temperature.
  • 07th October 2009... I'm not holding my breath

In conclusion: I miss milk in liquid form and Hotpoint are made of epic fail.

Tags: bloody cold, epic fail, fail, freezer, fridge, hotpoint, repair, service

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